After 90 days of enduring politician’s blathering in “politically correct” advertisements, and their Federal 527 PACs polluting the airwaves
with anything but truth; it’s going to get worse.  Be ready for, at least, one year of “puff pieces” from the Mainstream Media.  They are going
to tell you, among other things, how well the government is operating now that the Dems are back.  Don’t believe it?  Check out the New
York Times front page C section (fashion 11/10/06) about how well and appropriately dressed Speaker Pelosi appeared in front of an
American flag backdrop.  Two questions do come to mind about that: Was her Armani outfit made by "ILGWU" workers? And why is the
Times fashion section the C section?  I thought C sections were generally considered obsolete, by Times readers, since partial birth
abortions are available into late 3rd trimester.

Conservatives got the shaft on November 7th because we failed to find and elect candidates who were willing to stand up in the primaries
and say:  “I’m a believer in individual freedom and liberty.  I’m a free market capitalist.  I believe our federal government has become much
too big and over regulates people’s lives.  If elected, I will introduce legislation that directs the executive branch to reduce the federal head
count by 15% in every department except in defense and law enforcement.  I think this is how companies operate when they get too bloated
and so should the federal government.  I will cut your taxes by an amount equal to the reduction in the size of government and balance the

Now, a candidate who would say the “afore mentioned” isn't going to get one drop of ink or one second of broadcast time by the traditional
media.  That candidate is going to have to have a strong grass roots organization working neighborhood by neighborhood in primary

MOVE-OVER.org wants to help and be a catalyst in the 2008 elections. The mission: help you find those candidates who will say just these
things and assist in organizing their support.  

The time is now, folks.  As my Dad used to say, “Grab a root (grass) and growl, son!”