Since some fine men picked us to be the symbol of America, instead of our noble cousins, the wild turkeys
(sorry Mr. Franklin), we have been proud be your icon.

Even when my species’ numbers temporarily dwindled, due to our ignorance of hazardous electrical wires (we
know DDT had absolutely nothing to do with it), individual freedom and liberty were traits that made true
Americans and eagles soul brothers.

Over 230 years have passed since those men picked us…. and to tell you the truth, little about the way eagles
live their lives has changed.  I fly: where I want, when I want, in the manner I want, without requirement of
license, tax or consideration of political correctness.  You Americans, on the other hand, are traveling down a
road that will eventually lead you to a destination where no individual freedom or liberty exists.  There is no
“Inside the Beltway” meddling for eagles by Buzzards, Vultures, or Socialist Politicians.

Now, we do make some rules here, in my neck of the woods (like your states): keep your talons off my fish, keep
your private parts out of my mate (Ester), keep your feathers on your side of the territory border, and don’t you
ever think that we would sanction Rosie Eagle and Ellen Eagle or Elton Eagle and Liberace Eagle sharing a nest
and expecting FICA benefits (Flock Income ‘Cause Aids happened).

As you can see, I’m a little sad today.  But it won’t last but a day.  I promise.  I know the desire to be free that
beat within my breast is within yours too.  Divine providence joined us, and our values, and He will find a way to
get you off your complacent tail feathers.  But you could quickly give the cause a little help by joining MOVE-

Earnest Eagle – American Icon