Earnest Eagle  
On Global Warming

Global Warming Is Real!  And Real Science Knows It!

The problem is: what you see in the media and what the whacko left spouts is not the real science.
Real science knows that "periodically" over the last few million years or so, the earth's atmosphere
has warmed and cooled within a relatively narrow band,  Currently, we're somewhere near the
middle of that band.

The physics and astrophysics of our solar system have the biggest single effect on the environment
of the earth.  You've heard of summer and winter, I presume.  However, the environment of earth is
an extremely complex interactive system with many factors.  Humans can have very short term
impact on very localized areas of the environment; say the immediate vicinity of downtown
Chernobyl.  But the idea of you and your SUV irreversibly damaging the environment by causing
global warming is right up there with dinosaur flatulence causing the drying up of the sea that is now
the Bonneville Salt Flats.

I know that I occasionally rant without an offer of positive solutions to the problems about which I
rant.  Today though, I offer to all those lefties who really need to take
some action to retard global
warming, a task beneficial to all.  At certain locations of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans there
are rifts where sub mantle temperatures exceed 10,000 degrees.  Through these rifts vent extremely
high temperature sulfurous ooze which heat the oceans.  Go sit on one with Al Gore!